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About Me - 36 Years of experience

I started out as a volunteer. I was living in a large rental complex in Ottawa known as Bayshore. The landlord was the biggest private landlord in Eastern Ontario. They decided they wanted an above guideline increase. We organized the Bayshore Tenants Association and successfully worked together to reduce the rent increase.

From there, a number of us started working on a new organization called the Federation of Ottawa Carleton Tenants Associations. I was on the first volunteer Board of Directors. Later we got a small grant from the City of Ottawa and I was asked to be the Executive Director. Great title and $200 a week to boot.

Together we fought for better rent control, better maintenance standards, more affordable housing, and to give tenants a voice at City Hall and the Province of Ontario. In 1985, the David Peterson Government asked me to serve on the Rent Review Advisory Committee and I stood alone in fighting for a better deal for tenants.

As part of my work, I began to frequently represent tenants at rent review hearings and at the former Landlord Tenant Court.  

In the early 90's, the province started funding tenant groups and we were able to do much more. We even formed a Province wide organization. Alas, by 1998 that funding was completely cut. I then formed Dan McIntyre and Associates and worked as an independant paralegal and consultant.

In 2000, the Board of Directors of the Federation of Metro Tenants' Associations asked me to move to Toronto and lead the Outreach and Organizing of the Toronto Tenant Defence Fund project. The City started this as a one year project, but we achieved great results and the City made it into a permanent program. Over time we were able to expand the program and under my leadership, the funding was increased by over 70%.

In 2007, the Province brought in new legislation governing paralegals. I always wanted to get back to direct representation and so I applied for a licence. I went through all of the procedures, aced the exam and became licenced in 2009. I am a member of the Law Society of Ontario and I carry mandatory Errors and Omissions Insurance.

Now I have brought all my skills, my experience, my passion and commitment to private practice. I have now had the privilege of representing some great tenants and tenant groups for more than 7 years, and I think I have been able to capture the skills to truly advocate for tenants. I set a high standard for myself. You can put me to the test anytime.

But enough about all of that. I am also a father of three successful adult children and six adorable grandchildren. I am a Blue Jay fan, a heck of a euchre player and I have always been a volunteer for many great causes.

I look forward to working for you! 

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