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40 Years and Counting working with tenants!

Thanks for visiting! - You have come to the right place for help against landlord applications for rent increases - or any other matter! 

If you need someone with experience, knowledge, dedication and passion working for you - I am here for you! I have been working for tenants in Ontario since 1982 and tenant advocacy is my only area of practice. I am a licensed and insured paralegal and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

I also offer consulting and presentation services to Tenant and other non profit groups. When I work for you, you have my full heart and mind. I want results - for you!

Facing an unfair rent increase? Unsatisfactory building maintenance, services or management? Facing eviction? Unlawful charges? Somebody owes you money? Being sued in small claims court? Just need good legal advice or tips on representing yourself at a hearing. I will be on your side. Fees are reasonable. 

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tenant news updated February 2022 

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